What Type of Psychologist I Want to be

In my AP psychology class, we were recently given an assignment to make a blog, and blog about a field of psychology we might want to work in when we’re older. I’ve always wanted to do some type of job that helped people and their problems (little me didn’t know that the correct name was psychology), but I’ve always dreamed of understanding people and helping them understand themselves. The type of psychology I had dreamed was going into was counseling psychology. Counseling psychology is all about helping people through the ups and downs of their life. Counseling psychology is also very confused with clinical psychology, and while they’re very similar, there are a few differences (like the fact that counseling psychology doesn’t focus on just one interest, and focuses on basic necessities). It takes four to seven years to get a degree in clinical psychology. The average clinical psychologist makes $87,015 a year. You might often find a clinical psychologist working in a school, a hospital, or even in a private practice. Clinical psychology is a form of applied research because it focus’s on figuring out peoples every day problems.


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